About the Center

LCLS partners with the National Institute of Health (NIH) to create the Center for Structural Dynamics in Biology.

The Center for Structural Dynamics in Biology is an NIH biomedical technology research resource (P41) that aims to serve the biomedical and general user community by making tools available for experiments.​

The Center's Mission

The Center for Structural Dynamics in Biology (SDB) aims to develop innovative technologies to fully utilize the unique capabilities of the World’s first X-ray laser to understand how life molecules are assembled and move.

The innovative technologies will provide high-quality images and videos of molecules to understand how molecules work with or against each other. The center works with experts in the fields of drug design and enzymology to design and build new capabilities that will be made available to all scientists.

Center Acknowledgement

All published work supported by the Center for Structural Dynamics in Biology is required to include the NIH acknowledgment. This includes beamtime at SSRL and LCLS that utilize Resource capabilities, beamtime from Driving Biomedical Projects and collaborating projects, and collaboration with staff from the Resource.

The following acknowledgment should be used:

"This work was supported by NIH grant P41GM139687."